8 Ball Pool Version 5.0.0 Long Guideline/Aim line Mod APK Updated Download

Hello there ! Welcome and here is semi long guideline hack for 8 ball pool updated version 5.0.0.

Unique Semi Long Line (Guideline/Aim line) MOD 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is one of most popular and trending billiards for android devices among much competitors in fact others compete with 8 ball pool because of the most insane features of this game. The game age is old and the same computer screen is transformed into the mobile screen with a great user interface and features. Game play of 8 ball pool is very easy yet interesting everyone enjoys it without any difficulty that is the fact that everyone is stick to the game.

As we all know there are many indoor games which can be played on our android devices but there is a habit among people to play 8 ball pool game all the day, yes you heard it right ! This game has created a passion among its players from all over the world no matter how old or young you are.

As a regular game player everyone needs shortcuts to get more interesting tips and tricks to get more in app features which we offer specially for you. so here we are presenting you a semi long line (guideline) for better aim to the targeted ball. This 8 ball pool feature will give to a quick play boost with which you can win your game within your target time and challenge.

8 Ball Pool MOD APK (Extended Stick Guideline)

In this MOD Apk you will get the long line guideline or extended stick guideline which will help you target or aim easily. Aiming toward ball and putting it in the cushion is not that easy, it needs time to set your aim and get expertise. if you are professional player and doing it great then it will help you more and you will get ease in defeating your opponent quickly.

what an amazing thing to surprise your opponents including your friends and colleagues that they will get confused by your tricky 8 ball pool shots. Its an amazing trick and hack to unleash the ball with perfect aim. Few people know this trick and they’ll find you expert in playing every shot perfectly without any foul or misguided shot.

extended aim stick is a special mod which shows the long line guideline upon hover over the ball and shows the line toward the hole/cushion.

8 Ball Pool Unlimited Coins APK

8 ball pool is famous among different age gaps and became popular and people are now familiar with the android version. having coins in the account means more cues and stuff also for purchasing your favourite items from store which is 8 ball pool store.

Playing constantly with the same cues and board design and table can be boring so you can buy or use the coins you get from the Mod Apk. Spending time on phone got interesting with 8 ball pool and more interesting thing is that you can get free coins from Mod apk and enjoy your game confidently.

8 ball pool (long line) is the biggest multiplayer online game with multiple features inside, its a 1 to 1 matches with other online players or with your friends also offering tournaments to win big with the series and win coins.

8 Ball Pool MOD Features

8 ball pool MOD apk gives you a fantastic trick for long aim which brings fun in the game for you. defeating opponent by completing all your balls is challenging in this game which can be done easily by aiming the balls into the holes with long line or extended guideline which may not possible in normal game play. key feature you will get from Mod are:

  • Direction
  • Extended line
  • Long line for aim
  • both two lines extended

by this feature you can win most of the games with no difficulty and earn lot of coins and rewards from 8 ball pool coin, 8 ball pool cues, 8 ball pool table from store.

Download here :


How to install 8 ball pool extended line guideline mod ?

  • Download Mod apk from button bellow
  • Unpack the apk file by package installer or standard installation
  • Open app
  • Enjoy !!

Version Updated to 5.0.0.

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